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M.Good-H.Seppa antclastic technique


Hello & thanks to all that read this. I am having problems making a
anticlastic bracelet. Picture an ‘S’ turn in front portion of a
hollow bangle cuff. Basically a soft turn that goes under wristbone,
then curve up the wrist. Seems very simple, Huh? I have cut the flat
blank with the ‘S’ in it, but as I hammer the seam ‘rolls’ over,
instead of continuing around on top.Am I cutting the blank wrong? Do I
just cut a straight blank? Then how do I get the ‘S’ bend? The 'S’
does graduate bigger than the tapered back ‘legs’ of bracelet. Any
help will be greatly appreciated, and it is so frustrating to have
taken 2 courses with Michael Good, and still have conceptual and
physical problems with such simple plan! Contact me offline if you
want. Thomas Blair @Island_Gold_Works 843 686 6001