Lymann 1200 Turbo Tumbler

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if anyone uses a Lymann 1200 Turbo
Tumbler to polish their work. I was about to start collecting the
parts to make a vibratory polisher but then discovered that a nearby
gunshop is selling the Lymann 1200 for $155 (Australian) which is
probably not much more than the parts for a home made one would
cost. As I have no experience with tumblers I’m not sure what I’d
need to check to make sure this one is suitable. So, if there is
anyone who has one, or has used one, could you let me know if you
are satisfied with it please? Or, could someone fill me in on what
I need to check to know if its suitable for me?


I got one as a gift an have been using it for the final polish
withsome green corn cob stuff. Works well i hope to use it more but
have not had achance to figure out all the steps, and media. One
comment though I think it is only rated for 6 pounds ~2.5 cups of
steel and the bowl it comes with needs more then that. I would also
recomend getting more then one bowl (for different media). Best of
luck Thor

Yes Tina, I use a Lyman Twin Turbo Tumbler, which is a 1200 that
comes with two sizes of bowls. I use the larger bowl with walnut
shell/rouge for my handgun brass and the smaller of the two with
mixed staiinless steel/burnishing compound for my jewelry tumbling.
It does an excellent job on both. I’ve had and used it for several
years and never had any problems with it. It came with three
covers: a clear cover for each of the two sized bolws and a
grip/screen/matrix (a very wide matrix) that fits the larger bowl.
I don’t use the latter at all, but the two clear covers I always