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Lucy Pierpoint - Jewelry Gallery

Auckland, New Zealand

A jewellery practice centred on a premise of defying obsolescence.

While technological changes improve our lifestyles, they come at a cost, as uncalculated demands on finite resources result in discarded piles of perfectly functional yet technologically obsolete products. Combining an interest in sustainability with the intention to unearth beauty within these materials I create objects that, unlike many mass-produced technological goods proliferating our shelves, are individual and invested with a great deal of time.

Materials: Hessian coffee sack, brass electroplated
Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm

Necklace made from Loops of shredded and respun hessian discs, elctroplated

Photo credit: Caryline Boreham

Defying Obsolesence - Vison rings

Materials: CRT Television screen glass, silver bronze alloy
Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm

Cuttlefish casts using a mould from a single glass ring cutout of a old style analogue (CRT) yelevision screen. Casts made with combinations of glass, silver and bronze

Photo credit: Lucy Pierpoint

Defying Obsolesence- floppy

Materials: floppy disc, silver electroplated, silver, oxidised
Dimensions: 330mm x 20mm

fused and silver electroplated computer floppy discs combined with constructed silver chain. All oxidised.

Photo credit: Caryline Boreham