Lucas Dental Co casting machines

Hello to All Orchid Members and I just couldn’t help but notice this topic on Casting Machines.
My name is Richard Lucas and I am the owner of LUCAS DENTAL CO., which is a Family Owned Business since 1930. My Company manufactures centrifugal casting machines, which are manufactured in my factory in the USA. We currently manufacture two Casting Machines which are designed to be used in the Jewelry Industry. One being our #750 “Giant” long arm machine and our latest model #8500 “Jewel” long arm casting machine. Both of these machines are available directly from us at our every day low discounted prices. The #750 Giant at $299.00 and our #8500 “Jewel” at $495.00. Both of these machines can be seen on our website: Our direct email address is: We are also the manufacturer of our #9 Lowboy Rheostat at $49.00 known worldwide. Please visit our Website… thank you for your time, Sincerely, Richard Lucas.

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I have been using your long arm centrifuge for the past 10 years

it has never skipped a beat. I have cast volume as large as 250 gm with it.

very good bit of kit

Thanks Richard for posting your site info as i will purchase from you in the future


I’ve bought the “Jewel” from Richard a few years and am a very satisfied customer. Reasonable pricing and easy to work with!

I have the Lucas Low Boy Rheostat foot pedal controller for my flex shaft, and I must say that it is on my top 10 list of studio tools! I love it because it allows for very controlled speed at the low end as well as the high end.