Lucas casting machine

Lucas Casting Machine at Pearson Dental in Sylmar, CA

Hello All,

I was just over at Pearson Dental in Sylmar, CA and I noticed a find
in their clearance area.

They have a new opened box Lucas Casting machine for $199.00

Otto Frei has this same casting machine for $430 when it’s in stock
(it’s out of stock now)

Here is an eBay listing for the same casting machine that sold for
$222.50 Item number: 160636807421

If someone is looking for a casting machine this is a cheap way to
cut your teeth.

Just thought I would let you all know…

Take care,

Kenneth, Lucas Dental no longer sells their Casting Machines to Otto
Frei, its been over two years now and the Casting Machine that you
seen at Pearson Dental is most likely the Model #75SS 'Senior’
dental Short Arm Casting Machine.

LUCAS sells there Casting Machines directly to the retail trade…

Model #750 ‘Giant’ long arm “jewelers” at $285.00 and the Model
#75SS ‘Senior’ short arm “dental” at $275.00.

LUCAS can be contacted directly at Toll-Free: 1-(800)-332-5573 or
(718) 789-2604 or there Email: [Lucadent at verizon dot net]

Just thought I would let you all know…

Sincerely, Richard Lucas