Lower cost alternative to other CAD programs

I might have ask this here before, but has anyone tried AutoSketch
for doing 3d cad cam designs? Its a jr. type version of AutoCad, much
cheaper, around $100 US, but doesnt do as much. It doesnt do STL
files, but does DXF Still, I have used this for other things and dont
see why it couldnt be used here? Ive read at other sights that some
have used Turbo Cad, around $60 us) to make jewelry designs and then
milled them. Ive used that as well, and it is similar to AutoSketch.


There is also Autocad Lite. A bit more expensive but every bit as
powerful as the full Autocad. I’ve used Autocad for 12 years and
about the only this the Lite version won’t do is use lisp routines.

I find Autocad to be very powerful but tough to learn if you don’t
have any cad experience. The first few weeks I was learning it, I
thought my head was going to explode.

good luck

I have downloaded a 3D CAD program Blender from
http://www.blender.org. It’s a small open source software, free of
charge. If you’re good at programming, you can even modify it to suit
your own needs.


I just found a place that sells Rhino 3.0 for $150 educational
discount price. This discount applies to faculty, students, staff and
also parents of students K-12 (that covers a lot of ground).

Also Flamingo for $150 Penguin was $90? they also had many other
software titles - some discounted some just well priced and no
special id needed. the site is http://www.journeyed.com

no connection -hope this helps some folks,