Low cost press forming technique

hi, regarding the article by Edmund Massow, ‘a low cost press forming
technique’, I have been using press forms in my work for years, and
it can be done with all kinds of low cost equipment including heavy
vices, fly presses (around =A320 second hand) and even blue tack
instead of rubber sheet - which is good for tighter details. I teach
this technique with great results from my students with very minimal
equipment - I think most English jewellers are familiar with these
low cost methods. Nora, in the UK

Nora, do you have a URL for the article which you mention; or, any
other material from the web, which I could read? I’m in USA, not
England, and I’m not familiar with this technique. David Barzilay,
Lord of the Rings

David Barzilay
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   Nora, do you have a URL for the article which you mention; or,
any other material from the web, which I could read? I'm in USA,
not England, and I'm not familiar with this technique. 

A Low-Cost Press Forming Technique

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Could Nora Kennally tell us what blue tack is as I have not heard of
this. Is it something you can only get in only in UK?

Hi Nora, Could you explain what “Blue tack” is? Thank you, Vince
LaRochelle, Eugene, OR , USA

It is a type of “putty” that is used in England for putting up paper
notices on walls or glass. Non-destructive an virtually oil free.
Kinda like Silly Putty without the "silly!

Nora, Is it possible to see a photo of the equipment that is an
alternatve to the big presses we use for forming? It sounds
fascinating, but since I am on the other side of the world, not much
chance of taking your class.

One picture, worth 1,000 words

Dear all, ‘blue tack’ is obviously an english brand name! its the
sticky stuff you use to put up posters. anyone who wants the handout
on press forming that I have written for my students email me and I
will send it you all the best Nora

At last a question I can answer with some expertise - my day job is
at Officeworks (like the American Staples www.officeworks.com.au )

Blu-Tack is a ‘not too sticky’ putty that is mainly used by
teenagers and students to stick up posters on walls, as it comes off
without damaging the walls.

Here is a link to their website and some more things you can do with



Hi All, I’ve just started in the use of hydraulic press for
jewellery. This was a very interesting line. I went down to the
hardware store to see if they carried something like bluetack. Yes
they do. This was in the Detroit Metro area. There were three
different brand of the same stuff. I chose Poster Putty made by
Henkel Consumer Adhesives., Inc. Mostly because there was more in
package than the others, also it was blue. I made a frame out of
steel tube and used a 8 ton bottle jack I had. I found the right part
to make a 2 inch contained die and use the poster putty for hydraulic
pressure. The poster potty works great. It’s also cheap a $1.79 a
package. I like cheap. This hole rig has cost less than $100.00 to
fabricate. Thanks for the tip about the Bluetack.

Jim Zimmerman