Low cost high resolution 3D desk top printer

Low cost high resolution 3D desk top printer deveoped by MIT geeks.

Hi Folks, one of our customers put me on to a nice low cost high
resolution 3D printer recently made available. The 3D printer is
made in the USA by Formlabs High Resolution SLA and SLS 3D Printers for Professionals

The price is about $3,500 for the whole set up. The unit was
developed by the young braintrust at MIT and is located near Boston.
The unit has features of the high priced 3D printers at 1/10th the
cost. The company is not even aware of the potental uses in
modelmaking / patternmaking for jewelry manufacturing yet. They have
just completed the shipping of their 1st 1000 units worldwide
according to their website.

I am not affiliated with this company, just passing along the

Good luck & Best regards

Jim Sivertsen
United Technical Dept.
United PMR Inc.

Stuller has had good luck with the 3d Envision tech grower. If you
need please give me a call and I can talk to you or send
about it. You can also contact my Tools Tech team…

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

The Form1 is a good printer, but wasn’t designed for jewelry. It
doesn’t have castable resins or the resolution needed for jewelry
scale objects.

If you are interested in a less expensive alternative to the higher
priced printers, the B9 ( High Resolution Additive Manufacturing Solutions )
does have a castable resin and decent resolution. You might want to
join 3dcadjewelry.com. A few members have the B9 and share their work
from time to time.

There are units under $1,000. There are magazines with good
comparisons of 30 or so units and various cad/cam software at your
local Barnes and Noble.

Hi. The B9 creator seems to be the best in the class of new low-cost
printers with the highest printable resolution. But the build
platform is very small. So if you were to print mostly rings, then it
would be the best bet. And yes the B9 does have castable resins.

Kartik Doshi
Elegant Jewel Crafters

Would there be any interest precision cut paper or cardstock for
roller printing? Basically from any line drawing ? Not 3D Printing
but wonderful roller printing?


I have found another one at 3D Printers for Educators & Professionals | MakerBot

Their “ink” melts a low enough temps to work fine for casting. I
just do not know if 200 micron layer resolution is good enough. The
smallest model is $1375 including soft wear. The larger one have
finer layer resolution. It’s amazing how the price of these have
come down.