Louise Pass - Jewelry Gallery

Woodsholme Handworks
Raleigh, NC. USA

I was seduced by color. Enamel has the most brilliant, clear, strong color of any of the mediums I have worked with over the years. Since my first exposure to enameling it has been my goal to learn to create and express images of great permanence, astonishing depth and richness and surprising contrast. Using the smooth, thin, slightly cold medium of glass fused to a metal base, to create warmth, texture, and the romance of light meeting the eye of the observer.

enamel necklace

Materials: gold cloisonne wire, fine silver, sterling silver, glass beads

Hawaii -

Gold cloisonne pendant
Materials: 14k gold setting, fine silver, gold cloisonne wire, jade beads, glass beads


Materials: Cloisonne with sterling silver
Dimensions: 3 1/4 “x 1 1/4”

Silver cloisonne with textured foils set in sterling with a faceted citrine

Photo credit: L. Pass

Flow of life

Materials: Enamel and sterling and glass and stone beads
Dimensions: 3 1/2 x 1 3/4 pendant

Cloisonnne with textured foils.

Photo credit: L. Pass

Bring your own party

Materials: Cloisonne and sterling silver
Dimensions: 22" necklace

each face is 1 1/2" x 1" worked in silver cloisonne, set in sterling mounts, strung with glass and sterling beads

Photo credit: L.Pass