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Lost-wax casting workshop

Hello everyone: I have been lurking on this list for sometime and now
I have a post that may interest some folks in the southeastern part
of the United States:

Each year I attend several workshops sponsered by the Eastern
Federation of Mineral and Lapidary Societies (EFMLS), the Southeast
Federation of Mineralogical Societies (SFMS), and the Florida
Society of Goldsmiths (FSG). These are held at a non-profit retreat
called Wildacres that is a half mile off of the Blue Ridge Parkway
in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. This is about 40 miles
northeast of Asheville, NC. To see what the retreat is like, go to and click on the “facilities” and “photos” links.

This year during the week of October 3-7, Wildacres Retreat will
have a “Fall Gathering” where various workshop options will be
offered to anyone attending. I have offered to teach a beginning
lost-wax casting course for a small group of students. The retreat
is equipped with casting equipment and individual tools suitable for
about 8 students. The cost would be $200 per person for 4 nights
lodging and 11 meals. Expendable supplies for the casting course
would be $25 and would include wax models, investment, and an ounce
of deoxidized sterling casting grain. I expect to have my new book
"Lost-Wax Casting: Old, New, and Inexpensive Methods" available for
anyone that is interested.

Anyone interested may contact me and I will send a detailed course
outline. Contact me if you have any questions. Please label the
email “Lost-wax casting” so the spam filter won’t discard your

Fred Sias