Lost wax casting hollow pieces

Whilst brainstorming my next project, I’ve decided on make a pair of
spiral earrings for myself. The problem I’ve run into is that with a
diameter of 6mm, the spiral would be really heavy. So to save
weight(and money), I was thinking about making them hollow. I could
either cast the spirals in two halvesand solder them together
afterwards, or I was looking for info on casting hollow pieces but
the net is rather devoid of anything. Has anyone ever done anything
like that? And how did you do it?

Erik Savoie

To cast a hollow wax spiral you need to support the inside
investment. You can do this by drilling small holes in the wax where
support is needed. Have one end of the spiral open so you can clean
out the investment after casting. The holes in the casting are filled
with metal by soldering or a laser if you have one. Sometimes you can
solder a design element, like a flower, over the hole.

Dave Anderson