Lost wax casting going from small furnace to big

Hi guys,

Im a precious metal caster in Copenhagen.
I’ve been casting for 13 years without big problems.
I have a small burnout furnace that Works very well, but I have a lot of Work and want to Up my capacety.
So I got this big furnace that has a hole where Some of wax should poor out of doing the burn out cycle.
I use the same program as in the small oven.
But I’m experiencing: very little wax in the tray, black ashes om top of the furnace and on surfaces in the room and cracks in the investment.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
Best regards, Anna

Welcome Anna!

Could you post a picture of the furnace? And tell us the model #?

Hi Heather,
Its called Scandiaovnen, its a danish/Norwegian brand.
Its originally made for ceramics but has worked in a foundry.
I can post pics om monday😊

Hello Anna,
Is this oven run by gas rather than electricity?

Hi Roy,

Its electric😊

Best, Anna