Lost Stones' Policy

Gerry, James and Teresa,

Thank you for your inputs and time.

We are hand setting all our stones; therefore, the wax setting
errors do not apply to us.

Rasesh in Mumbai, India.

Hello Rasesh;

My guess is that you are coming from the mass production business.

  1. What is your current rate of falling stones?

  2. What QA/QC procedures does your factory applied?

  3. How many stone setter do you employ? are they all "in house"
    setters or you sub contract the job as well

S. Dubois

Rasesh, Even though you are not casting your stones in place, I am
sure you can solve most of your problems by correcting the master
models. If your designs do not have structural integrity then any
flexing of the ring can cause stones to pop out. Also you may not be
using enough material for the settings to hold up to normal wear and
tear. If you can email me photos of one of the problem rings I might
be able to help.

James McMurray