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Lost "ruby"

Thanks to all of you for helping me out with my lost "ruby"
dilemma , I’m still suffering post-traumatic stress syndrome from
the holidays (lol). First I spoke to my gemologist again and she
confessed that the stone looked like a ruby to her, but didn’t do
any conclusive tests. I agree with those of you that said they
have rarely seen a genuine ruby in a gents antique mounting.
Anyways, she said that if it was in fact a ruby, it would only
appraise as rough, lets say $50 or so retail.

I called my customer this morning and told her I would replace
the stone with the best looking red stone I could get for $50 or
less retail. Her husband brought the ring over tonight. I have
never seen anything like it. I set the stone with two others in a
freeform mounting (which I hate with a passion) not in a row.
The two INSIDE prongs had sheared clean off and the shear plane
on the prongs confirmed that I had put plenty of prong on the
stone. There was no evidence of bending or anything. It was the
strangest thing, I can’t for the life of me figure out how she
could of done that! Anyway I think I’ll replace the head and pop
a red cz or really nice looking synthetic in there unless I can
find a really pretty 5mm round crayola crayon red spinel in the
price range. Anyone have any?

Wendy Newman

Wendy, Gemhut’s site lists a few red Spinels which might meet
your needs. There’s a pair of 4.9mm rounds for @$115. You could
always use the extra one in another piece… I have no connection
to these folks…only an admiration for their Web site.


I can supply a 5mm red spinel for US $ 30.00 , I also have a
included 5mm ruby which I can part for US $ 100.00

E-mail if interested

Ahmed Shareek

International mail Order Company