Lost diamonds

Farmer’s Diamonds Go to Waste But Are Recovered
Mon January 19, 2004 09:09 AM ET

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - It’s not quite the goose that laid the golden
egg, but an Indian diamond merchant’s prize cow is producing
bejeweled dung.

Dilubhai Rajput had stashed a bag of more than 1,700 small diamonds,
worth almost $900, in a pile of hay at his home in Gujarat state,
famous both for its dairy and diamond-cutting industries, but hadn’t
reckoned on the risk of a hungry cow, the Economic Times newspaper
reported on Monday.

Now he’s feeding the animal a diet of grass, grain, fruit and
laxatives and has so far recovered 300 diamonds in three days.

“I am sure within a week I will retrieve all my diamonds,” the paper
quoted Rajput as saying.

It was unclear why he chose to hide the stones in the hay.