Lost class ring

The Balfour Co. is in Attleboro,Mass. and as far as I know is still
in business or has been bought out by another company. I know they
used to keep all models of rings and pins etc. I lost my Nursing
grad. pin,contacted them and got a new one. That was many moons ago.
Try phone and i’m pretty sure You’ll get them. If it was
gold,it will cost you a lot more now.

Good luck,Louise

hello Richard. I just want to repeat my ‘reply’ that there is a
jewellery company up here in Toronto Canada that deals in replacing
school rings. They do a real great job in re-creating what you need.
the telephone number is 905 - 763 - 9920 call and speak to Oreet and
say that Gerry Lewy recommended you to her. Although we are
celebrating a national holiday on Monday she will be open for talking
on Tuesday. She is very approachable and friendly! good luck,eh!..gerry!

Hi Richard,

I sent a reply with the web page for Balfour. I don’t see it in the
thread so here it is again:


Good luck, Susie Morgan Elegant Metal Creations cc: