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Lost Bracelet

Hi Greg: Thanks for your reply! The filligree bracelet I am looking
to replace if very typical of the 1920’s look it was slightly over
a 1/4 wide" and most were 14K or 18K W.G. and usually have a small
diamond .05pt in the middle and then maybe a sapphire on either
side in a different link , but they came in various variations they
were fairly common and we sent it into N.Y. (don’t ask why) and it
never made it and this long time customer is now claiming it is the
nearest thing to the hope diamond and her lawyer is already
claiming sentinmental attachment and we all have heard the rest,
Our jeweler was going through Chemo at the time so we sent it to a
fellow we have used for specialty work in N.Y. and I have sold
quite a few of these over the year as recent as 8 months ago . So
I am familiar with their value! They usually weight about 8 dwts.
and the design varies a little. If anyone has one please contact
me privately!

Thank you kindly!