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Lookng for jasper

Hi! Does anyone know of a good source for jasper? I am
especially interested in deming jasper, and any other kind with
interesting patterns. I live in Los Angeles, and am open to mail
order. Thanks, amery in crazy, crowded, venice…

Amery Carriere,
Assistant to the Director
Annenberg School for Communication
School of Communication
3502 Watt Way ASC304 F
LA, CA 90089-0281

phone: 213.740.0934
fax: 213.740.3913

Amery: Buy a copy of Lapidary Journal and look up the next gem
show in the area. The Culver City was last week and there were a
number of dealers there that sell great jaspers of all kinds.

Amery, what do you mean by “deming” jasper? Jasper from the
Deming NM area? How much are you interested in? What I consider
"Deming jasper" is the reddish, or orange-red, from the Rockhound
State Park area outside Deming; if this is what you are looking
for, I have a fair supply I collected earlier this year and would
be glad to share with you. Let me know what exactly you want,
and what quantity you’re looking for, please.

I live in southeastern NM, Alamogordo (near White Sands Nat’l
Monument), and love to rockhound around the state when weather is
decent (been in the 100’s + here for weeks now). There are a
couple of decent rock shops in the area also, or within 3-4
hours driving time, and if you want something in particular, can
probably find it for you. You can reach me at

sharon Holt

Hi, Your “deming jasper” sound interesting. How does it look
like? What is your price? Do you have kind of stone that you
found that is for sales.

In Singapore, there is nothing much interesting except that I
live on an island with granitic rock and lowland with swamp. I
am interesting in rock and mineral and hard to find here.

Your reply is appreciated.