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[Looking4] Used tools for new science program

Calling all used jewelry tools

A new science program "Celsius and Beyond" is going to incorporate a
metalsmithing curriculum into this year’s summer camp right here in
San Francisco CA. We are hoping to continue these classes year round.
Underprivileged children ages 7-13 will get to learn how to make
metal art, jewelry and do pewter casting from a science perspective.

We need your used tool donations - especially hammers, pliers, files

  • large and small, steel bench blocks, copper and brass, saw frames,
    eye protection, polishing motor and flexible shafts, drill bits, shop
    furniture like heavy tables, bench pins, wax, sand casting frames,
    pewter. If you want to sell some of your used tools, we may have a
    limited budget for this.

Please contact me: Aimee Golant at 415-682-7128 or
@Aimee_Golant with any help you can offer. Soon we will have
non-profit status, so we can offer you a tax deductable receipt.

Thanks in advance.