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[Looking4] Used Hydraulic Press

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a used Hydraulic Press. Anyone who is interested in
selling theirs, please let me know! Or if you know any sources that
I may have overlooked, let me know that too.

Tavia Brown
Tavia K.F. Brown

hi Tavia,

Did you try A.B. Machinery 1-888-901-8888 - They have a lot of used
equipment for sale. I think their web site is but I
would call for more accurate inventory

Ruth Ferrugio
Romanoff International Supply
1-800-221-7448 ext 110

I love a bargain on a tool as much as anyone, no, more. But I
couldn’t really do it on the hydraulic press. I got lucky, I was
taking some graduate metals classes and they had had some h. press
frames welded up out of I beam stuff.

I was able to buy the last one for $75.00. My uncle owns a shop and
was able to make me steel platens to match the Bonny Doon ones so I
could use their accessories. I have yet to have them welded in

For the jack, I called every h. jack place in the area. I really,
really looked into it, into buying a jack and the gauge separately
and installing the gauge myself. I couldn’t save much money doing it
that way, and there was a chance I could mess it all up. So I bought
the Bonny Doon jack.

My jerry rigged system works well enough, but it’s unlikely that
you’ll be able to buy a pre-made press and have an uncle.

So, I think, unless you are unusually well connected, it is not
worth it.

My advice is to finance it and get the Bonny Doon, the whole set up.
It is a well designed, well made machine.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

I will be celebrating my 40th birthday this month and would like to
buy myself a hydraulic press. I would like a used one if possible.
Does anyone know where I can get a used one or plans so I can get
one made?

Goldsboro NC


Have you tried Harbor Freight, for the money it’s about the best
buy. I’m getting a 20 ton one for myself, hand pump and a pressure
gauge gives you a lot of control. HF does stand behind what they
sell, I’ve returned several items over the years and gotten
replacements no questions asked. On sell they go for around $180.

Albany, OR

I have the 20 ton press with the air/over hydraulic jack with gage
ect.It works well But be prepared to do some fine tuning to the press
table and ram slide as they are loose with a lot of slop. they aren’t
designed for the tight die pressing. I have made some sheet metal
shims to close up the slop on the table and the ram bar. Also you
will need a flat plate of steel 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick to mount on the
table so you can mount the lower half of the die or what ever you are
using. On sale and with the cost of the plate and air jack gage
regulator ect. I’m still happy with the unit. If I do use it alot
later I can always upgrade. Already used it to replace the u joints
on the sons 4x4 and it worked good.

Been there, done that and still a happy Harbor Fright customer!