[Looking4] Used flat lap

First off, let me thank all of you who so willingly share of your
knowledge and ideas. I have gained so much by just by being on this

Which brings me to my request; I am looking for a used flat lap.
Anyone have any ideas of who might deal in used lapidary equipment?
Any would be helpful.


Good Morning,

You might check out the Rock Trader Classifieds Index at

Look in the Equipment Offered section. You may want to check back on
a regular basis as used equipment at a reasonable price goes pretty

The main index is at Bob's Rock Shop: Table of Contents
and has lots of general as well


PS I had bought Michele’s one new at Ameritool (see
http://www.ameritool-inc.com and she loves it. It also has a nifty
tumbler add on if needed. (Usual disclaimer, just a happy client of
theirs up here in Canada)

What grit, and what kind (ie solid steel, topper plate, etc)? There
are a bunch of toppers on ebay right now.


Hi Trudy,

I am in West New Jersey and have some used lapidary equipment that I
have no idea how to use and probably will never play with. If you are
local and wish to look at it (or I can photo the stuff) you are
welcome. I have no desire to ship these machines though. You’ll need
to pick them up if interested.

You can email me directly if you want.

Let me know,