[Looking4] Used equipment

I am looking to expand my capabilities in my studio…anybody selling
used sand blasting/bead blasting equipment, tumbling equipment or
media? And I am still in the market for any parts or pieces of a
Dynamic Display set-up…stands, lights, tops, jewelry cases, storage
trunks, etc.

Thank You!
Emily Keifer Fine Jewels

Check with : silversupplies.com They often get used equipment in and
are very reasonable and honest.

Sam Patania

Check with : silversupplies.com They often get used equipment in
and are very reasonable and honest. 

Sam, you absolutely should know whereof you speak, so I’m baffled. I
went to this site (didn’t see anything about used stuff) and took a
look at hammers because I’m pretty familiar with prices on them.
Their hammers are just over twice as expensive as the apparently
identical hammers at Rio. I confess I looked no father…


I have been looking in Orchid to see if I could find a section which
contained offers for sale of used equipment. Is there such a place
in Orchid? I am just starting out and when looking at prices of new
equipment such as torches, regulators, hand tools, I wish there was
a place I could go to which had listings of used jewelers equipment
for sale by jewelers not by unknowns on ebay.

Can anyone recommend someplace online which would have used
equipment for sale or guide me to the section in Orchid where
equipment is listed?


Hi John, you came to the right place. CIJT (California Institute of
Jewelry Training) Sacramento, has equipment and hand tools of all
types. We continue to stock and restock, our new as well as used
tools for Jewelry Arts, Gemology and Jewelry Appraising, we are
priced fairly and perhaps or probably better than most, you do pay
for shipping and handling.

In addition, we offer good prices, (if there is such a thing) on
metal, silver, Argentium and gold. We are here to serve you and your
needs. In the metal department, volume is the best and Rio has
awesome prices, so they may be the place to stay, but my colleague
has a great collection of Hoover and Stong Findings is the Karat
golds. So, with that said, hope to hear from you.

Regards. 800-731-1122…
Ruth Dee, CIJT

An old friend of mine is selling some great jewelry equipment that
belonged to a friend of hers who recently passed away. Among the
items is a genuine Victor engraving block complete with leather ring
and accessories. Check it out on eBay at [eBay link removed, sorry no
eBay links on Orchid]

Victor engraving block are no longer produced. There is a company
that bought the name, and still produces these engraving blocks using
that name, but they are of inferior quality. I bought one some time
ago, thinking I was getting an original Victor, and immediately
returned it.


Hi there

GIA has a semi monthly used equipment list that while heavy on the
gemology tools often has used goldsmithing tools as well. It is a
free service.

Good luck
Sam Brown

Starr Gem in Tucson often has used equipment, check with them
periodically. http://www.silversupplies.com

Sam Patania, Tucson

Hello. I live in Westchester, NY. I am trying to set up a studio in
my home. I am looking for excellent gently used equipment,
particularly a flex shaft and drill press (foredom if possible, but
not necessarily). I prefer to find equipment on this site rather than

Thank you.

I have a Jr. Steamer and ultrasonic for you…650 total cost plus
shipping from California.

The Jewelry CAD Institute.com

Dana, I live in a small town outside of Dallas. I placed an ad in the
Dallas area Craig’s List for used equipment. I was able to purchase
all the used equipment my heart desired and wallet could afford. You
may try there if you are not able to find what you need within this
online community.

Angela Hampton
Hampton House Jewelry

Thank you for the suggestion! I have tried the local Cragis List NY
and so far, nothing. I will keep trying.