[Looking4] Used Equipment

Our shop is looking to purchase the following used:

-Meiji microscope as well as Acrobat stand

  • GRS Powerhone graver sharpener

  • Anyone have a decent combination rolling mill for sale? Just needs
    to be rust free,with the gear ratio more than 1:1 4:1 would be ideal.
    Doesnt need to be a giant workhorse,just something I can roll down
    sizing stock.

  • I’m looking for is an NSK E-max micromotor. with gear reducer
    essential. I know they are such a great tool I may have no luck,but
    worth a shot.

  • Also looking for a used jewelers bench. The typical 3 drawer made
    out of a combo of masonite with the inside sweeps pan drawer or
    something like it.

If anyone has any leads I’d be very appreciative-have a great day.
Brent Williams @ Springers’ Jewelers,since 1870. Portland, Maine