[Looking4] [US] Wax carver for casting

Hi. Can you recommend an excellent, reliable wax carver in the U.S.
whose prices are fair? I don’t have a big budget at all. I need to
get a piece carved from a drawing I did in order to have it cast in
metal. Thanks.

Hi John,

I would be glad to do your carving for you. I have been in the
manufacturing and custom design business for approx 12 years and in
the jewelry industry for approx 28 years, so I’m confident that I can
satisfy your needs. Just let me know and you can get my contact info


Hope to talk to you soon,
Steve Cowan

This woman used to work for me and does wonderful work

Katherine Howell
(270) 689-1200
waxer1200 at yahoo dot com

David Geller

Margie Mersky
The Best!


I would do it myself, but am too busy with teaching and running my
school. However, I have a T.A., who has been carving masters for a
local designer, and she is terrific with high detail pieces. She
works quite reasonably, too. Any drawings or designs you send me
will be treated in confidence, if you want to fax or email me any
proposed work you want done. Let me know.

Jay Whaley

I highly recommend Nelson Levine.
nelsonius at aol dot com

I have used Margie Mersky - “Margie Mersky Custom Designs, INC”

; no affiliation, just a pleased customer.

Beth Wicker

I wish I could help, but I am not connected to the casting world.
Bu, why don’t you do it yourself. Wax carving is not really
difficult. Even if you fail first time, you will succeed on second or
third time. Use it as an opportunity to learn.

Leonid Surpin

If anyone is looking for a wax carver, I’m available. I am a fully
trained jeweler as well so I understand what is needed in a wax for
casting, setting and finishing.


Marta G. Irvin