[Looking4] UK Refiner

Hi All,

Can someone recommend a reliable refiner in the UK? Please do not
mention Cookson.

Thank you,

There are many, you could try Blundell’s in Hatton Wall if you are
London based. Have a look at the Hockley Flier, an online newsletter
for the Birmingham jewellery quarter if you are based in the midlands
for adresses of refiners there.

Sorry Leach, I know you said don’t mention Cookson’s, but what’s
wrong with them as a refiner - they’re who I use? Have you had a bad


cooksons used to give around 50p less per gram than other refiners
and they also overcharge for the refining.they seemed to have upped
their game recently with only 5p difference per gram. but 5p still
pays for a small holiday when your dealing with any substantial
quantity of gold! check out these guys, free and insured postage and
fast return.


Have a look at the Hockley Flier, an online newsletter for the
Birmingham jewellery quarter if you are based in the midlands for
adresses of refiners there. 

I had a look at the Hockley Flyer online, and there is absolutely no
there whatsoever, nor any other pages that you can look
at to find


Helen, I have nothing against Cookson except that they are []. I do
not recall the details at the moment, but I sent them over a kg of
sterling (I think it was 1238 grams but I can be wrong) a while ago
and asked sheet in return for it after refining. I got a check back
for 238 Euro. Okay, that’s theft.


I got a check back for 238 Euro. Okay, that's theft. 

Thanks for enlightening me Leach. I’ve been meaning to ask them
something, but they never answer my emails so there’s not much
point. Whenever I place an order, if I place it early enough for
despatch that same day, I would expect the price online when
ordering, to be what is charged at dispatch, based on that day’s
metal prices. But it’s always more expensive by a few pounds! I
expect that when I’ve placed the order late in the evening or over
the weekend because metal prices will usually have gone up, but not
when it’s the same day.

I’m losing faith in some of the UK suppliers. Cookson’s have stopped
selling my favourite metal (Argentium), and never answer email
enquiries, and HS Walsh are giving me the run-around with regard to
whether or not they are going to repair/replace my Little Torch
hoses/ torch. It’s a shame, as Cookson’s have the widest variety of
alloys of all the UK suppliers, and a huge choice in all other
things, and what I can’t get there, I usually can get from Walsh. I
don’t want to have to go elsewhere, but customer service seems to be
becoming a thing of the past.

There are other suppliers of course, and I do occasionally use
Palmer Metals, Sutton Tools, Eurotools and Cousins.

Thanks again for the heads up Leach.


Helen, I almost never buy anything in the UK. I buy my tools from
Fischer in Pforzheim - they are on the expensive side, but they are
good tools, their service is first class and they carry stuff that
no one else has. I am not interested in findings, etc. I ordered some
metal recently from Stephen Betts in Birmingham. Their prices are
the same as Cookson’s, but at least they answer e-mails. This said, I
am still looking for an honest refiner - some refiners in the UK do
not do accept Irish customers and refining in Ireland is hopeless.

Best, Leach

May I suggest that you try contacting Metalor. I have used their
services for supplying metals and refining and purchasing scrap in
the past and found them very obliging.

Metalor Technologies UK Ltd,
74 Warstone Lane,
Birmingham, West Midlands, B18 6NG.
Tel: 0121 2363241


Peace and good health to all
James Miller FIPG

Dear Leach,

Thanks very much for your recommendations regarding companies to buy
from, and warnings regarding some UK companies. I hope you soon find
the refiner you’re looking for - sorry I couldn’t help.