[Looking4] Titanium casting place in US

Does anyone know where to get things cast in titanium? Preferably in

Hi, I bought some titanium from this site a few days ago:


its amazing stuff. I get the feeling that Holly knows all about all
things titanium and perhaps she can direct you regarding casting,
check out her site.


It will be interesting to see some responses to this. About once a
year I poke around the Ti Casting industry to se if any one is
interested. Mostly they are too busy. Some years back we cast
regularly with Ruger in Prescott. They have since torn down the
system and sold it off. In order to work with in their system the
minimum pour was 45 pounds. We cast thousands of pieces with each
pour. We actually used there gate preforms and mounted our own wax
on them and then delivered them to the foundry. Try that in 100
degree summers here in Arizona. The industry does not use rubber
molds. They use multi part stainless steel molds and automatic
injectors. It can cost thousands to make a single mold. The out put
of our pours was spectacular, above 98%. You may find a dental caster
interested. They have small systems capable of doing one off work.
Good luck, Bill

Bill, Deborah, Michele & Sharon
Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

I did a quick search and here is one that might do what you are
after… Just so you know, I have never used them for anything, I
just found them with a quick search. I am sure you will get others
with thoughts… http://www.ganoksin.com/gnkurl/1g6

John Dach

Thanks, John, I placed a couple of calls to this and some other
numbers from Orchid members. No one answered at any of the numbers
(during work hours) and I left messages but have not heard back from
anyone. I will keep everyone posted on Orchid in case I find someone
but I have the feeling the search might take some time…