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[Looking4] The Guilde to wholesale gem pricing

I have an old copy of The Guide: to wholesale gem pricing for
colored stones a friend gave me some years ago. it’s Fall/Winter
2001-02. If anyone subscribes and has a more recent one they haven’t
gotten around to throwing away, please let me know. I’d be interested
in finding a newer version than 01-02. Doesn’t need to be the most
recent back issue, but preferably since 2005. I need to get an
overview of my current stone values.



I have a copy of the Nov/Dec 2006 Diamond and the Spring/Summer 2006
Color issues I would send you if you don’t come up with something
more current.

Normally I give my old copies to a local jeweler but she doesn’t
always get them when she picks up/drops off work, so the often end up
in the trash.I hate wasting them as the info doesn’t always change by
much; so in the future, if you’d like an isuue just drop an email.

Paul D. Reilly
Colorado Springs, CO