[Looking4] Steve Midgett's mokume gane book

Hi All,

I am looking for a copy of “Mokume Gane - A Comprehensive Study by
Steve Midgett”. Please contact me at offline if you know where I can
get a copy or have one that you want to sell.

I know Amazon are selling them for inflated prices, no thanks. I am
prepared to pay what they were selling for originally.



Rio Grande sells the book you are looking for new $59.95. Here is
the link to Rio Grande where you can do a search for the book.

I am in the process of compiling an order through them and was
looking for another book when I came across the one you wanted.

Take care, Joanne

Finding a copy of Steve Midgett’s “Mokume Gane - A Comprehensive

Hi, all, and especially Steve Midgett and/or James Binnion, if you
are around, I’ve been combing the internet looking for a copy of
Steve’s book

“Mokume Gane- A Comprehensive Study” and the only ones I can find are
several hundred dollars from a couple of used book stores. The book
is out of print. Steve’s website says to see Amazon.com, but they
don’t have it and only refer one to the expensive used book stores. I
was wondering if any one on this site has a copy in decent condition
that they’d be willing to sell at a reasonable price. Or if anyone
knows of some other source of either new (unsold) or used copies.
I’ve tried the jewelry supply houses like Rio, Otto Frei, and
Contenti but all are out of stock. Five hours of web searching has
not turned up anyone with stocks to sell.In particular, I’m looking
for on possible small scale production using an electric
kiln. I have read Ian Ferguson’s book “Mokume Gane” and he suggests
that Steve’s book may contain such info. And I understand that James
Binnion (who posts here I’ve seen) wrote part of the book and
produces beautiful mokume gane pieces… Everything I’ve read about
this process suggests it’s not easy to do, results in lots of
failures, and can be frustrating, even with expensive equipment. But,
I’m in love with the mokume gane pieces I’ve seen. And, in the past,
have been foolish enough to try things that I was told were nie
impossible to do, and sometimes I’ve succeded. So, I want to read the
book. Any ideas?-Denny Turner, who maybe has no idea what he’s
getting into ;o)

"Mokume Gane- A Comprehensive Study" and the only ones I can find
are several hundred dollars from a couple of used book stores. 

Does not seem likely that anyone who is into it enough to be reading
this forum is likely to part with such a treasure. Here in the US
your local public library can get pretty much any book through
Inter-library loan. You won’t be able to keep it, but at least you
can read it and study the book fora few weeks.

Just an observation: When I first saw this book I thought maybe
Steve had blundered by not committing to either making a pretty
“coffee table book” or making a textbook/shop manual. As wonderful as
this book seemed to me at the time, I thought that it would be
difficult to sell since it was such an odd mix of technical and
gallery stuff. Glad to be wrong on that call.

Stephen Walker

Hi Dennis,

Unfortunately books are expensive. I paid $600 for “Viking
Artefacts”, it is now in the vicinity of $1500 to buy.

Alibris, will find you a copy, or you could try BookFinder, but to
own it will cost you a minimum of $300. If you are going to set up,
treat it like a business expense.

I’m going the forge approach, as I’m set up to do this. I feel
confident that I’ll be able to do Mokume Gane by this method. You
have Ian’s book, there is a chart in there that shows easy to weld
metals (because you’re pattern welding precious metals). Pattern
welding will make you cry blood, but once you’ve done it you’ll be

Regards Charles


amazon com is a place were you can find your specific book. They are
used (11 books available) but still good. Here is the link, have

beste regards

Sorry it is out of print and I don’t know when, if ever it will be
reprinted. So those few stores who have them are getting a
ridiculous premium for them.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

I too am looking for the Midgett Mokume Gane book… I couldn’t find
it under 250 US$ (far too expensif for me) so I order the Ian
Fergusson book instead. I am very happy with it. It is a very
technical book with a lot of references.

Juliette Arda