[Looking4] Stamping or etching tags


I am trying to find a company that will stamp my tags that i attach
to the back of my chains. The tag is small and has our logo etched
into it. The metal is ~0.35mm thick and is 5.0mm round. Lettering is
etched in on both sides. I want to make these in 8-10K gold. Does
anyone have a recommendation of a company that can make these in
quantities for me?


Try infinitystamps.com. They make a tagmate system that will allow
you to stamp our your own custom designed stamps as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Are you looking for the blank tags or tags stamped with your logo? I
know nothing about etching onto a tag but for stamping marks onto a
tag its tricky to stamp on both sides.

I’ve been shopping around for companies to buy custom logo stamps
from - any of them would be able to help you - Infinitystamps,
everstamp, and microstamp come to mind.

While I am no where near ready to tackle any gold I’ve been wanting
to make tags with logos stamped on them. My process would be as

-Order stamp with the appropriate logo from a company like
infinitystamps (also sells tags and tag stamping services btw).

-Set up a 3 set progressive dies using unit tools on one of my
automated presses.

-First tool would stamp the logo onto strip

-second tool would punch the small hole you’d need to attach the tag
to the jewellery

  • third tool would punch the tag out of the strip

  • All 3 tools act simultaneously on different tags - each cycle the
    strip feeds forward to the next station.

Set up it the real job. After a few hours getting the job set up the
punch runs at 4000-8000 parts per hour fully automatically. So far I
run millions of parts per set up but I’m working towards doing small
runs. I’m setting up for a 200 piece run next week.

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail