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[Looking4] Spiral cages


I just signed up with the Orchard list again after being away from it
for a few years. (I had to go put into practice some of the things I
learned here.) - Now I’m Happy to be back. - I’m looking for an item
commonly referred to as a spiral cage. It’s a wire, springy, oval
"cage" about 20 mm top to bottom. One can place a tumbled stone in
it, string a cord through it and have a necklace. I need several
hundred or more to start. Rio Grande does not have them. Fire
Mountain has them, but not exactly what I’m looking for. Any ideas
on where I might find them? I believe they are madein China and also

Thanks, Steve Mazzarella Denver, Co.

Hi Steve,

They are extremely easy to make, feel free to email me for simple
instructions or I can make them for you.

Marta Irvin