[Looking4] Someone to raise a brass bowl

I have a good customer who is looking for a unique item that I don’t
have the know-how or the tools to create… I’ve searched locally to
no avail, so now I bring the challenge to the greater masses. It is
basically a replica of an antique shaving basin, but a little deeper
to fit on a head. (Yes, this is a Don Quixote thing) No frills, a
raised brass oval with aflat rim.

If anyone can do this work, and would like to, please be in touch
via my website to discuss details. Thank you in advance!


Tossy- Not me! When I was in school I raised a brass bowl and it
nearly drove me, and everybody else in the shop, insane. It was soooo
loud. Hammering for hours at a time on stuff that bells are made of
turns out to to have been a major error.

No one wore safety glasses or hearing protection in those days.

This may explain why I have to wear hearing aids today. Have fun and
make lots of art.

Jo Haemer