[Looking4] Someone to make Silver Statuette

I am looking for someone who want to take on making a small
statuette, possibly 6-8" tall, of my dog.

My Black Lab Yankee passed away about 5 years ago after being my
life companion for 17 years. We enjoyed swimming, running along my
bike, playing Frisbee, fetching anything, and traveling together. At
the time she died I had been saving change in a large plastic doggie
coin safe. When she died it contained $1,281. This is the amount I
have to spend on this project for labor.

All my life I have been a silver collector, small commemorative
coins, etc, nothing big or expensive. Just before she did I purchased
5 100oz pure silver ‘bricks’, which is what I want the statuette made
out of.

I have many pictures, and one painting, of Yankee. I would like the
statuette to look like her. The idea is that I can simply have
Yankee in the room, possibly holding the door open, nobody but me
will know the value of the figure except me.

If anyone would like to take on this project they can contact me at

Ray Bergeron