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[Looking4] Soft ring mandrel

I use a hollow rubber ring mandrel so I can judge the size of a
non-round ring. I have a friend who is looking for one but I don’t
know where I got it. Any help appreciated.

I found this reference in an Oct 07 Orchid post,

but a search on the internet turned up nothing current. I did locate
a Keener enterprise: 4342 cartter road. kell, il 62853

Hi Norman & All,

Yes, I have one,too. It was bought many years ago at Rio Grande. One
of my store clients wanted one some time back and we searched all
over. Since we never located one–I’d be still interested if anyone
finds one—we took thin cardboard sheet, rolled it up into a
tapered mandrel, taped off ends, use it like a regular mandrel and
mark on the cardboard where the ring rest naturally… Then we check
it against ring sizers for a close approximation and we and the store
has good success. They are very detail oriented and this passes
their quality control at the store…

Take care from drippy wet SF,
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan