[Looking4] SoCal Metalsmithing Classes

I am looking for someone or someplace, that is within driving or
quick flying distance of So. California (I live in So. Riverside
County), where I can learn metalsmithing. Hey, driving or flying to
SanFran, Tuscon, or similar places are within my reach!

I first want to learn to work in copper or other metal so I can then
move on to silver.

I have a day job, so classes would have to be part time (there goes
my vacation) or weekends with a few days on either side tacked on.

Also does anyone of know a good book for Arts & Crafts techniques in
these areas so I could (maybe) teach my self. Though I know that
working with someone on the metalsmithing will give me a BIG leg up
on the matter.

thanks to all in advance
Laurie : Adventures of an Aspiring Silversmith

I am looking for someone or someplace, that is within driving or
quick flying distance of So. California (I live in So. Riverside
County), where I can learn metalsmithing. Hey, driving or flying to
SanFran, Tucson, or similar places are within my reach! 

Start by taking a look here: revereacademy.com Professional jewelry
instruction for everyone, at every level. Within easy reach, 1, 2,
and 3 day classes, 8 and 12 week intensive programs, and the Masters
Symposium each April.

Michael David Sturlin


Hi Laurie:

I don’t think flying is going to be necessary. There are a bunch of
places within driving range of greater LA.

I teach up in Santa Barbara, at City College’s adult-ed center, and
there are several places in LA that do evening and weekend classes.
Probably the best way to get in touch with the local metals crowd is
to hook up with MASSC. (Metal Arts Society of SoCal.)

Brian Meek


Call me and we can talk, we can accommodate your every need. CIJT is
are located in Northern Ca and are successful in customizing classes
for our students. We are in Carmichael, CA, located 10 minutes from
Sacramento airport. Pretty cool ! !

You may call at 800-731-1122, jewelrytraining.com, or email me for a
good time to talk.

All the best, Dee
California Institute of Jewelry Training

Hi Laurie,

I’m offering a silver forging workshop mid October and another in mid
November in Camp Verde AZ, about 30 minutes south of Sedona, and hour
north of Phoenix. It’s geared for beginners, limited to 6
participants, runs 3 days… I’ll have the e-brochure ready in a
week or so. You can see my work at valerieostenak.com. Argentium
sterling silver will be supplied, along with all the tools. If you’re
interested, reply here or go to my website and contact me at that



There are several great opportunities in SoCal to consider:

Closest to you might be Farrin O’Connor Design Studio in Pasadena.

Loyola Marymount College in Playa Del Rey teaches a Saturday course
with Sue Dorman. You can find it listed in the LMC Extension classes.

In San Diego, you can attend classes at the Whaley Workshop with Jay


And, there is Precious Metal Arts in Santa Monica.

I can recommend all of these…and they offer different skills and
ways of presenting the material so you are bound to find something
that suits you best. Good luck!



You’ve got Jay Whaley Studios in San Diego, an hour drive from you
(if you are near Hemet, San Jacinto, or Perris). I am sure Teresa
from his staff will answer this also with contact You
can also visit jaywhaley.com and fill out the email form which will
put you in direct contact.

Best of luck with your studies and creations!


Most of the schools listed are great schools, I attended Revere many
years ago, but there is a great school in Southern California, San
Diego to be exact, Whaley Studios. Check out their website.
whaleyworkshps.com They also have short video clips on YouTube.com
that you could learn a lot from.

Good Luck,
Steven Brownlee

Thanks everyone for the suggestions - sorry for the delay in

I have been rebuilding my computer over the past 2 weeks and did not
download any emails… Thus no Orchid digest.

If you read my last blog posting about the Rolling Mill class, you
will see I am going to take a series of classes with Jay down in San
Diego. Then I will work on either going to “summer camp” or
contacting someone about learning to raise/sink vessels (I was not
so clear about this part in my original post.)

Again, thanks again to one and all for your suggestions.

laurie kern
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