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[Looking4] SNAG room share

Hi all,

I presume some of you are planning to attend the SNAG conference two
weeks from now. The conference had a person designated to arrange
room sharing for those who requested it, but apparently, the only
ones who did so, were all female. That means that while I have a
room reserved, I don’t have a roommate. While not essential of
course, sharing a room cuts the room costs in half, which would be a
good thing. So is there anyone else going to the conference that also
does not have a roommate, who’d also like to cut costs? About the
only condition I’d have is to limit this to non-smokers, or those
smokers who’d agree not to smoke in the room. Male, female, anything
in between, non-human alien, doesn’t matter to me. Also could be
with more than one person, so long as I still have one of the beds to
myself. If interested, let me know, and I’ll see about setting it up.

Peter Rowe