[Looking4] small Cabachons

Hello all

I am looking for 2.5 mm cabachons - turquoise (robins egg or sky
blue, no iron), Coral (ox blood or best quality pink) and Jade
(apple green, best quality). Unfortunantly I designed these
pieces to take 2.5 mm stones before I realized these stones are
not readily available smaller than 3mm. Rio Grande has agreed to
get them for me at a great price, but in a very large minimum
quantity. They are offered at less than $.75 each, I’m willing
to pay more if I can get a smaller quantity (25 of each).
Anyone out there feel like cutting these (Not everyones favorite
job, I know!) Or do you have a referral? I need these within the
next two-three weeks. Thanks!!!

Sarah Graham

Hi, I just had a cab cut to fit a ring. I sent the ring (the
bezel was for an odd shaped stone) and it was done in one week!
He did a very satisfactory job for me.

Michael Caldwell
305 East Park Street, Suite 410
McCall, Idaho 83638
(208) 634-3926

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs


try Stuller at 1 800 877-7777 email: info@stuller.com They have
Turq cabs listed at 2.5 mm for .90 Coral 2.0mm and 3mm - maybe
they could pick out 2.5mm s @ .62 Their Jade starts at 3mm
Fargotsteins 1 800 -238-9226 has clear blue reconstructed TQ in
2.5mm about .85 didn’t see any 2.5mm jades Would it be worth it
or possible to trim down the coral and TQ which are quite soft -
to 2.5mm and special order only the jade? the stones could be dop
waxed onto a finishing nail , mounted into a flex shaft and spun
against some sandpaper. If these stones are to be set in a bezel
cup this lower part of the stone would probably not even show and
therefore not need to be re- polished. Could be too time
consuming for your plans/price but it could work in a pinch.

Good luck,

Sumiche Handwrought Jewelry
Creating what you want in gold, platinum and silver

Dear Michael, There is a company out of Honolulu called the
Sultan Company in business since 1924 that manufactures jewelry.
They are currently in the process of selling off incredible lots
of stones that they have accumulated over those years. I bought
oodles. Over half their list is coral,pink, red, black, momo,
and gold. I remember some really small cabs in there too. Don’t
have their address with me, but their add was in last or next to
last issue of Lapidary Journal around page 99 (???). Send for
list, or call them and ask for Vicki Pinnichia. GOOD LUCK!!