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[Looking4] Silver tube settings

Hello all: Hope the Tucson dinner was great. Sorry I missed it. Did
have fun perusing at the show on Sunday though. BTW, who won the

Does anyone have a good source for sterling tube settings that would
fit a 5mm stone? Or… does someone know of a supplier of tubes that
would have a thick enough OD to set stones? Thanks in advance.

Heidi P in AZ
HP Designs

Heidi, Metalliferous in NYC carries thick walled tubing for 3, 4,
and 5 mm settings in sterling. It only comes in 1 ft lengths. They
also have tube settings. 1-888-944-0909 Betty


I found that Rio Grande has tube settings in both silver and gold. I
just purchased some silver ones myself and they seem to work great.

Tom Timms