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[Looking4] San Diego enamel supplier


Am hoping I can get someone to reply quickly on this one.

I left Washington today and am going to be traveling for several
months. Realized I forgot my metal trivets for my kiln. Will be in
San Diego on Monday. did a quick online search tonite and haven’t
found an enamel supplier listed. and nobody would be open on

Anybody know of a supplier. say from Carlsbad south to the Border?

If I had to, I could use some small supports used by pottery

Liane Redpath Worlund


Liane -

I never found a supplier when I lived in San Diego. That was a while
ago though…

I would find a welding supply house, like Airco or other big
supplier, and buy some round TIG welding wire in 306 stainless. It
comes in a variety of diameters like 1/16", 5/32" or 1/8" but all is
bendable with small pliers. Unless you are working on large pieces
you should be able to make what you need.

Phil Duclos



Everything is open on Sunday, some even 24 hours. There is an active
Enamel community in San Diego, with a wonderful studio in Spanish
Village in Balboa Park. Send me an email either to my above address
or and I will get some for you. From the date on your
message, looks like you may have been through here already.
Hopefully, you wre able to find what you need.



Thanks everyone for your info. I was able to connect w/ Steve Artz
of the San Diego Enamel Guild who was so kind to leave some trivets
on his doorstep for me as I passed through Encinitas.

Continue to be amazed at how easy it is to connect with Ganoksin and
other online

Liane Redpath Worlund