[Looking4] Product testers

I make a Grease/Polymer product I use many names to describe the
product. The scientist call it a polymer. It’s great for increasing a
shine on buffing as well as put a dry clear film that’s stop the
metal from corrosion. Its resit water and most solvents even acids
for brass brightener. I think this would be good for the jewelry
industry. O yah Turpentine take this off and dissolve it. It comes
out as a paste and turns to a liquid when rub and sticks to the part
that it was rub to. I made it for spinning pewter. I will send a
small sample to any person that will test this. But please tell me
what you do and the test you have tried if that would not be to much
to ask for a free sample. I have been trying to market this product
for a year now but I need to get people to use it. The ones I have
been trying has loved the product.

More info at www.enjenjoesproducts.com
Thanks Randy