[Looking4] Place in NYC to have stones resized?

I have some remaining matching stones, caprite, and have just
realized some of them are slightly different lengths and I need them
to be the same length. About a dozen or so. Does anyone know of
anyplace, or anyone, I could contact in NYC to have them trimmed?
They are rectangular shapes, top to bottom drilled, about 1-1/4" in

Cost is a big factor and if it’s an expensive job I would probably
have to give up on this so if anyone has an idea of what that would
cost that too would be appreciated.


Hello all at Orchid,

Gemkraftjewelers is still located at 21 west 47th street in the
heart of the new york city diamond district we are fine jewelry
contractors doing:

special orders, setting, repairs, polishing, plating, lazer welding, and
all phases of jewlery work

Thank you
Marcelo Pevsner
President Gemkraftjewlers
212 391 9011