[Looking4] Peruvian opal beads

How do I find large peruvian opal beads

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Lee Horowitz,
Peru Blue Opal Ltd

How do I find large peruvian opal beads 

Check Ebay, I buy them all the time.

Veva Bailey

I love gemmy blue Peruvian opals and bought many strands & items
over a period of a year or so. The vast majority were not opal and
were returned. Most of what you see on ebay is dyed this-or-that.
“Peruvian Opal” has become a trendy name for a certain shade of blue
and many sellers don’t seem to make a distinction between the use of
PO to denote color vs the real thing.

Even higher end B&M stones are not immune. Not long ago I bought a
necklace of tiny PO briolettes. Took them home, decided that the
color was a bit pale for PO. Viewed with a polariscope and found that
they were not PO. The store where I bought them is a local shop, high
end, and they make much of their inventory. They bought the two 8"
strands used for this necklace from a GIA certified person. How
embarrassing for them.

Further testing showed that they were dyed chalcedony.

I haven’t seen any really good quality (translucent, little/no
matrix) PO in quite a while.

If you find a good source of high quality PO, please let me know…

they are getting fairly hard to find, at least natural ones…if you
do find them, make sure you ask if they are natural or dyed. and be
wary if the prices are ‘too low’


Check Ebay, I buy them all the time. 

I f you are buying peruvian blue opal beads on ebay be prepared to
buy dyed beads of mine run opal from peru or brazilian white
chalcedony dyed in Brazil by the tonnage and sold as peruvian blue
opal or also dichoric glass with slag in it or glass or victoria
stone synthetic. You whould buy from legitamte miners or cuttesr from
Peru such beads. Our compnay has speciallized in Blue Opal and
Peruvian stones for over 20 years Our cutting factory is in Lima Peru
and run by Marcel Ryzenberg my partner. You may contact him in Lima
Peru at : [mryzenberg at yahoo dot com] or myself at [lshorowitz dot
yahoo dot com]

Lee Horowitz
Peru Blue Opal Ltd

Try Lee Horowitz at Peru Blue Opal, Ltd. He has the real thing (not
dyed or otherwise treated) in blue and pink. [lshorowitz at yahoo dot

Dikra Gem Inc.

Check out the goods at outofourmines.com. They sell and cut Peruvian
opal Nice goods and nice people!

A satisfied customer,
Mike Edwards