[Looking4] Perfection casting machine: crucible & flask

Help! I have an old Perfection Casting Machine but no crucible or
flask. After a search of several weeks I am at a loss as to what size
crucible and flask I need.

The casting machine is a 12 inch straight arm originally for dental
casting. It has a small sled to rest the crucible on. The sled
measures 1.5 in. x 1.5 in. The ring for the mouth of the crucible
measures about 1 3/4 inches in diameter on the outside. I think I can
use a 1 3/4 in diameter flask. The crucible, on the other hand, is a
complete mystery.

Does anyone know what size crucible and flask these use? I really
need the help.

Thank you,
Ben Stringer

I believe I had the same machine long ago (now also gone with the

I never found a source for crucibles but mine were sort of side
wards. Open on the down hill side and a high curved wall the metal
flowed along and into the flask. 1 3/4" flasks sound about right by
memory, well I still have a bunch that size.

It was not a great casting machine, might have worked fine for a
tooth or two. If I still had it I’d be sorely tempted to convert it
into a broken arm machine (hacksaw are fun) and a regular crucible.

Have fun and if you think I can help ask here or off line, but it
was a long time ago.

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