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[Looking4] Peanut Charms & Pendants

Anyone know where I can find a supplier of pre-made Peanut Charms and
Pendants? We need about 100 to 150 of these, some 14k and some in
Silver. We would like them in two sizes as well. Some may be set with
a small stone. If they are not available commercially we would like
to have them made.

Thank you for your referrals.
J. Rose

Dear J. Rose,

Seems like there are a million people here who can take care of you.

I know WWJ does peapods and acorns and such. You may want to give
them call or email them on the web:

Good luck. I don’t have the skils or I would do it.

I know Rembrandt has these to choose from…

I believe they are all just a half a peanut shell. As for ones with
stones, I have never seen ones in my years of catalogue searching.

Goldsmith Silversmith