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[Looking4] Panther Ring

A customer of mine has requested a panther ring. I have searched
through a bunch of sources with no success. The only place I have
seen one is on Ross-Simons website and I really hate to refer the
customer to them. We had a panther brooch in our store years ago, but
the manufacturer does not make a ring.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Jason Kresge


You might refer her to the originator of the panther ring Cartier.


A customer of mine has requested a panther ring... 

Check out Volker Kracht’s website. I have seen his panther necklace
and it’s amazing so I’m pretty sure he would have the ring to match.


A customer of mine has requested a panther ring. 

I suggest that you consider Margie Mersky or one of the other
talented animal carvers on this page for a custom carved wax. (no affiliation)

M’lou Brubaker
Minnesota, USA’louBrubaker

Hi Jason.

I deal with an estate jewelry dealer in NYC, which shall remain
nameless for the moment. They get panther rings (usually Cartier)
from time to time. Does your customer mind pre-owned/ vintage? What
is your customer’s price point? I am sure most of the jewelers on
this site could make you a new one to your customer’s specifications.


try wilsom tcd waxes they have a few ring waxes in cat forms

Hi M’lou; I think that Carrera Y Carrera (Spainish Co.) have the best
designs, you can probably find some wax patterns from a pattern
supplier, Or I just remembered that Maurice Katz had alot of designs;
Who out there remembers Maurice Katz??