[Looking4] NY Diamond appraisal service

Hello all,

I have a large diamond that I would like to have appraised and
certified. Does anyone know a reputable company in NY, NJ, PA area
which might be able to do that?

Omega Designs

Hi Alex, I would contact Travis Lejman@ the Gemological Appraisal
Laboratory of America inc. in NY. I use them for all of my appraisal
work and always satisfied with their professional staff. phone-
212-382-2888. email travis.lejman at gemlab dot com Usual disclaimer
justa happy customer.

Cliff Durlacher

If you want a diamond certed then go to the pros and go to the GIA.
They won’t do an appraisal but that is a separate issue from certs.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

Yes, Elly Rosen, in the Bronx, I believe. A real master.

Elly Rosen
1383 East 31st Street
Brooklyn, New York
USA, 11210

Yu can use my name, Wayne Emery Phone: 1 (347) 281-4220

Wayne Emery

GIA in New York. If you have a large diamond, GIA is the most
revered and respected lab report. Call them!

Nel Bringsjord
GIA Diamonds Graduate