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[Looking4] New packaging supplier


In the past, we have purchased packaging supplies (multiple types of
presentation boxes) from Bates Display and Packaging. We just
learned they are no longer supplying jewelry boxes, due to their
inability to get consistent, quality product. So- we are looking for
a new supplier. Who are you all using? We would prefer a company
based here in the U. S., for the sake of simplicity. We don’t
purchase by the pallet, but we do generally purchase by the gross.

We have used Stuller to fill in from time to time when we ran short,
but I have to think a company specializing in packaging would be
cheaper and would have a larger selection. In particular, we are
looking for someone who sells the ring box with a clip in it to hold
the ring, instead of the typical slot.

If you have a company you love, or you know of a company with the
ring box with clip, please let us know.

Thank you,
david lee jeweler