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[Looking4] New Hermes engraver parts

Please help to locate a part to our engraver! We have an
Engravograph, Model R-V, New Hermes engraver- “The World’s Finest
Tracer Controlled Engraver.” I have attached a photo of our machine
as well as a scanned illustration indicating the exact part we need.

After communicating directly with Gravograph, I’ve been informed that
they no longer work with this particular model (it is very old.)

Can anyone out there help us to locate a source for this particular
part? Any recommendations are appreciated.

Thank you,
Serra Mueller

Are you pointing at the “Base Plate”? Or please give me MORE
specific and I Maayyybe able to assist you in your finds.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ


Hopefully this makes sense. I am having a hard time articulating
exactly what it is we need.

The part we need attaches to the base so that a larger plate can be
used for engraving. Our engraver has only one hole at the base. We
need to have an additional hole for our larger plates and used to
have an “extender” piece at one time.

I’ve exhausted my resources trying to find this part. Hopefully you
will be my savior? Pretty please?

Serra Mueller

there is a yahoo group pantograph engravers which might be able to
help you. if you can’t find it let me know and I will dig out the
info for you.