[Looking4] Mold services for large medallion

Seeking production mold service for a large medallion measuring 30 X
42 mm. Sprue is still attached. It also has a bail attached. I’m in
MN and am not sure who does this kind of specialty work in my area
any more. Would need a no shrink, a rubber, and an RTV as well. More
pieces to follow this one. It will be for a line that I am creating
so confidentiality is required. Please contact me offline if you
have the time to take on a growing project.

[mkmwaxes at yahoo dot com]

Margie Mersky

Hi Margie,

Along with teaching metalsmithing, I also work for Don Wiegand
Studio, which produces large bronze scale sculptures. Don is the
creator for the “Hope Award”, which is given out by the Pentagon each
year. These pieces are done by Medallic Art Company, which you can
find on the web. They do the highest quality of work.

Sherri Jauds