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[Looking4] Mexican fire agate

I have a client looking for a “Mexican fire agate” stone. I can’t
find on meon Stachura - and I don’t like to buy from unknown
sources. Any suggestionsI who might carry one?


I also have a client who loves fire agates. I found a seller on eBay
who has excellent quality stones. I have bought several stones from
them and have been very satisfied. The seller name is “donilop”

Janet Kofoed

Do a search on local gem and mineral clubs, rock clubs, mineral
societies etc. and you may be able to connect with someone. I belong
to the club in Syracuse, NY. The club holds a very good show once a
year where you can do a lot of buying and make good connections.
Good luck. Rob

I have a parcel of Fire Agate rough. This is for someone who knows
how to polish them. I did once take a class on that, but did not
try. For anyone interested, contact me. The best site for fire has
been marked by nail polish by a very qualified friend.


Check out I just looked and
they have a lot of fire agates.

Veva Bailey

Facebook has fire agate groups, join one, they have sellers.