[Looking4] Metalsmiths in the Midwest

Hello All,

We are a Men’s leather accessory company looking for a metalsmith to
produce our bag hardware. We are hoping to have some custom pieces
created, and we are looking for anyone in the Chicago area or even in
the Midwest who may be interested in this job.

We will need a custom zipper pull and a functioning snap hook
created in brass with blue/green patina.

If anyone knows anyone at all who does this type of thing, I would
love their contact

Thank you!

Hello Julia, I am down in San Antonio, Texas, and that’s the Midwest
to me!! I would be interested in fabricating or designing your
pieces. If you have a full detail sheet or can provide the item, it’s
use, and the materials to be used, I think we, our studio, may be
able to produce some fine quality work. E-Me back or call
210.260.0662. This is my cell and I lay it down sometimes and walk to
get things, so if it does not answer, please leave your number and
I’ll call you back. Some times the machinery is on and loud and I
miss the call.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ

Hello Julia, We are design Jewellers here in San Antonio and do a
large amount of originals or one-of-a-kind projects and would like to
invent or design your pieces, or at least submit some samples. We
have won design awards in the past. We await your kind response.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ